Pop, reggae and jazz delirium: a summer of music



While Parisian jazz clubs take a break in August, the Sunside offers a festival dedicated to pianists.Begun at the end of July, Pianissimo, for its 13th edition, will host from August 1 to September 1, the trios of Baptiste Trotignon (from 1 to August 3), Vincent Bourgeyx (on the 4th), Fred Nardin (on the 7th), Pierre de Bethmann (on the 8th), René Urtreger (on the 17th, while saxophonist Géraldine Laurent will be invited on the 18th), Alain Jean-Marie (the 21 and 22), Giovanni Mirabassi (on 24 and 25), Jérémy Hababou (on 29) ...

Laurent Courthaliac will host, also in trio, every Monday, a jam session (free access) at the same time as a program dedicated to a pianist: Thelonious Monk on August 6, Duke Ellington on the 13th, Bill Evans on the 20 and Bud Powell, on Sunday the 26th, it is the composer Leonard Bernstein that he will evoke with the saxophonist Dmitry Baevsky.Enrico Pieranunzi will begin his stay at the Sunside with a solo, on August 9, a duet with the saxophonist Rosario Giuliani, on the 10th and will perform in quartet on August 11; pianist Paul Lay will be in duet with trumpeter Eric Le Lann for a tribute to Louis Armstrong on August 23 Sylvain Siclier

Pianissimo at the Sunside, 60, rue des Lombards, Paris 1er, Mo Châtelet, Les Halles Tel.: 01-40-26-46-60.From € 22 to € 30.

Of all the pun titles from jazz festivals (is there a competition?), Kind of Belou de Treignac (Corrèze) holds the pompom, where pianist Tony Hymas presents Pacific 345, before Himno de Mujeres Libres (hymn of free women) , before the Standing Rock resistance fighters, Davu Seru with the No Territory Band (the only concert in France, the most "jazz" of summer festivals), Riverdog ("teenage noise", that should give), the duo guitarist Hasse Poulsen and double bassist Hélène Labarrière, saxophonist Nathan Hanson and other afters relocated to Tarnac.The new municipality has halved its symbolic aid, the country is beautiful, we think, and not far away, L'Espace Rebeyrolle, in Eymoutiers, is presenting an Erro.Treignac exhibition, the most snobbish and trendy “the place to be” of the summer.Your nephews will envy you.Francis Marmande

Posted Date: 2020-11-11

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