Summer in music on Netflix: surveys from the ReMastered collection

From the attempted murder of Bob Marley to the murder of Sam Cooke, to the meeting between Johnny Cash and Richard Nixon… The streaming platform investigates some major events that have marked the world of music.

After pop divas, rock legends and some of the biggest influences on the music industry, our summer series leads us this time to documentaries by Netflix, which are a little darker, more twisted, more mysterious too…

Between autumn 2018 and spring 2019, the streaming giant has been looking at news stories that have shaken the music world: murders, attempted murders, political games, injustices, pacts with the devil… These are all amazing stories, with big names from the blues, soul, rock and reggae worlds at their centre, which the platform available from the SFR box has told in a collection called ReMastered.Passed somewhat unnoticed when it was released, today we offer you the chance to (re)discover at least a few episodes of this most successful docu-series.

Who Shot the Sheriff ?

To inaugurate its collection, Netflix began by looking back at one of the most significant events in history: the attempted assassination of Bob Marley. It was the end of 1976. Jamaica was going through a terrible political crisis and, on the eve of the elections, a free concert was organised in Kingston to ease tensions.The reggae star agreed to take part in the concert and his performance, which was supposed to last just one song, finally lasted an hour and a half and ended with a symbolic handshake between the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition in front of some 80,000 people.This was all the more remarkable given that, just two days earlier, the singer had been shot at his home, injuring himself, his wife and his manager. While everyone had miraculously escaped, there was still doubt as to the shooters’ motives.Some speak of a political act, others evoke an implication of the CIA… The platform leads in its turn the investigation in this episode of a little less than one hour, whose name necessarily echoes one of the most famous songs of Bob Marley!

Nixon and the Man in Black

In 1970, Richard Nixon invited Johnny Cash to a concert at the White House.In 1970, Richard Nixon invited Johnny Cash to a concert at the White House. While the American president was hoping to consolidate his base with the arrival of the country legend, renowned for his patriotism, he was not at the end of his surprises… Although he expressly asked him to sing a few songs, notably anti-Hippie and pro-Vietnam, the singer declined, arguing that he didn’t know them, choosing instead anti-war songs such as What is the Truth and Man in Black. The streaming platform came back to this unexpected protest performance.

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